Our History

Who We Are

Bosco di Corniglio (PR)
More than a century of history
11 rooms, 20 guests
Restaurant and Bar

The Ghirardini Hotel Trattoria
in Bosco di Corniglio


Four entrepreneurs. Indeed, four families – Baratta, Braglia, Fornari and Mori – and one desire: bringing back to life the Ghirardini Hotel Trattoria which in many years had never lowered the shutter. Thus began the new adventure of a legendary place, fundamental for Bosco di Corniglio and for the whole of the upper Val Parma. A place that deserved to be reborn and has returned to shine.

Someone said “breathe the air of Bosco and you will never do without it” and Albergo Ristorante Ghirardini is proof of this. A building that exudes history, flavors, aromas. Which guards the steps, gestures and looks of thousands of travelers, mushroom hunters, walkers, simple enthusiasts of mountain cuisine or of these valleys, who in this L-shaped building overlooking a square that looks like a huge terrace they found refuge for an hour, an afternoon or maybe a few weeks.

The bar, the trattoria renovated in its management but respectful of flavors and raw materials, the renovated and redesigned hotel, the carefully chosen staff, everything has an ancient yet new name: Albergo Trattoria Ghirardini.

Ready to welcome you and to ensure that you can no longer do without this valley and this place.


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