The Hotel

Single and double rooms for your holidays in the Apennines



Ten rooms, seventeen beds and a peculiarity that makes the Ghirardini Hotel very similar to the old post hotels of the past: we stop here for the desire to stay.

You arrive to eat at the restaurant, or maybe to go for a ride to the Park of the Hundred Lakes, you can breathe the air of Bosco and choose to stay. And then to return.

There are the mountains, there is the cuisine of the restaurant, there is the hospitality of the bar. Finally, there is an atmosphere that never changes and that you can breathe in the renovated rooms with respect for tradition.

Each of the rooms of the Ghirardini Hotel Restaurant – bar, restaurant and hotel – marries with the others. And the hotel rooms are designed to accommodate anyone – families, single travelers, companies who want to celebrate special occasions – in the name of professionalism, hospitality and the most accurate simplicity. As it once was, but better.




Double Room

Many solutions, different furnishings, overlooking the valley or the surroundings. You can choose, knowing that the care of the new solutions is the same. As well as comfort.


  • Private bathroom
  • Double bed
  • Breakfast included

Single Room

More intimate, but no less accurate solutions, for work, a few days away from everything and with the guarantee of our hospitality.


  • Private bathroom
  • Single bed
  • Breakfast included

All rooms include…

Free WiFi

A wireless internet connection is available in all rooms.


Breakfast is included in the price of your stay.

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